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Simple Mistakes That are Harmful to Your Skin.

SPF application is done by most people religiously since it is the best skin care routine they are used to. This is something people do whether it is cold or rainy outside. The use of hats when going out in the sun and also protective clothing is also something many people. in addition, you may already know that spending much time exposed to the sun is also a bad idea. The routine of cleaning the face, toning and then moisturizing is a song sung by many. A lot of people follow that as much as possible. However, you may be doing everything you can to protect your skin but still damage it. If you drink alcohol excessively you will end up with a damaged skin. After a night out where you drank too much, your skin is likely to be parched and also dehydrated. It means that drinking will not just hurt your liver but also the skin. When the functionality of your liver is compromised, it will not be able to remove much of the toxins from the body. The face will reflect the chaos going on in the body systems. You ought to stick to drinking just two bottles of alcohol or even less each day.

You should stop smoking as well. Cigarettes, also, have carbon monoxide which interrupts the delivery of oxygen in the cells. Nicotine also restricts the flow of blood and this will leave the skin discolored and thirsty. After a long day, a lot of people will get in the shower the moment they get home. However, before you spend an hour in the shower you need to consider the repercussion. The hot water pouring on the skin will be stripping it of the essential oils. This is why your skin might look smooth and glossy when you are getting out of the shower only for it to be ashy and aghast after a few minutes. You will be able to keep the skin soft and also supple if you cut back on the shower time. If the temperatures are not too low, a cold shower is the best thing for your skin. If you cannot avoid the hot showers then you need to invest in exfoliating bath products and moisturizers that nourish the skin. If you have to shave, you can check here for tips on how to get rid of the hair and maintain a smooth skin with causing a lot of damage. Making such changes ensures the skin retains the essential oils so that it will not end up flaky and dry.